Sell Digital Photos Online in 3 Easy Steps

Learning how to sell digital photos online could be the career-changing opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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Not only is it possible to earn a lucrative income from selling the photos you take, but it’s also very possible to earn enough to quit your day job and work in your own hours around the things you enjoy.

Here’s how to get started: Step One: Stock Photography Sites

Browse through some stock photography sites to get a feel for what types of images are selling. Notice the prices the photographers have set.

Graphic designers and web masters frequently visit stock photography sites, trying to find the images they need to suit websites they want to build. The images they want are regular, ordinary people, pets and places, yet the supply of these pictures is not even close to keeping up with the constant demand for them.

Step Two: Take Pictures that People Want to Buy

If you intend to sell digital photos online to replace your income, then you’ll need to have an understanding of the types of photos web masters will buy. You might be thinking that you’ll need to be a professional to make this work for you, but the opposite is true.

Web masters want regular images of everyday things. Computer sites simply want great photos of computers or laptops. Pet sites want photos of your cat or dog playing or sleeping or just being himself. Kid sites want images of kids. Cooking sites want crockery, cutlery, meals, kitchens and regular things you would use everyday. Fishing sites want… you guessed it. Fish!

There’s no limit to the types of photos you can sell, so use your imagination.

Step Three: Understand How to Choose the Right Category

Categorizing your images is perhaps one of the more important aspects of trying to sell your digital photos online. After all, if graphic designers can’t find your images, how can they buy them from you?

Always consider what a graphic artist would type in to find your precise shot. That would be a good starting point for your description, but it wouldn’t always be the same thing as the right category.

What else might your picture relate to and who else might search for something just like it?